Fiber / Cabling

Fiber/Cabling Infrastructure

RnH Consulting is a fully licensed and insured telecommunications company.  Our certified technicians pride themselves in the professional and organized installation of voice, data, optical fiber, and video cabling.  Working with all of your specifications we will create a complete cabling infrastructure designed for the specific needs of your communication network.
Fiber/Cable becomes a lot more than wire when it serves a mission-critical part of your enterprise.

It is a vital artery that needs to perform with unparalleled reliability, to avoid the danger of lost calls, lost data, and lost opportunities.  Your cable plan should anticipate future needs: more bandwidth, larger files, more calls, and it should fit within your existing infrastructure.  With more choices from high-speed copper to fiber-and the advancing pace of technological change, you need a partner who can help you make the best decisions on the physical connection of your enterprise.

Our goal at RnH Consulting is to provide the highest quality and the greatest value in Network Infrastructure services to our clients while maintaining the highest level of professionalism in our industry.

We believe communications are the backbone of all corporations Large or small and accordingly we have developed unique, total-quality management program which allows us to design and implement reliable, cost effective network infrastructure for our clients.


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